The Client
ECFix (E.C. Fix Technology Ltd.) is a technology-driven business venture based in Hong Kong with offices in major cities in Mainland China, Macau and Mongolia. They have been a trustworthy and fast growing IT and HR solutions provider since 2003. ECFix value people and believe that staff is one of the important key to help the company grow.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


To establish a better relationship with employees, ECFix regularly send their employees a souvenir gift to express gratitude and respect. I am glad to participate in this souvenir gift project, I created over 100 avatars for the signature mug design, the idea and creation of this signature mug come from EC Fix employees. It is the identification of individuals. Every employee has his/her own avatar and name printed on the mug to represent himself/herself. Therefore, the signature mug is not a gift only, it is the combination of employee’s talent and company’s belief.

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